Vision, Mission & Corporate Culture


To develop a property business group that strives on excellence and innovation and provides a better life for the society as well as bringing welfare and prosperity for the stakeholders.


To become the frontrunner in property business by striving to perform the best, to be professional and profitable, so as to become consumers’ first choice, employees’ most interesting and challenging workplace, shareholders’ most profitable investment and provide a significant contribution to the nation.

Corporate Culture

I.P.E as a synergistic unity of the Spirit, Body and Soul. Integrity is the “Spirit” as an eternal part of human, a form of relationship with the Omnipotent.

Integrity is slightly an SQ (Spiritual Quotient) or “the adaptive use of spiritual foundation to Facilitate everyday problem solving and goal attainment” is how the spiritual values ​​appear in working life.

Juxtapose “Body” as professionalism. Body and mind, those are important part to accommodate efforts to achieve excellence. Professionalism as IQ (Intelligent Quotient) human or problem-solving skills. A healthy operating company supported by managers with skills to troubleshoot problems. Then Professionalism is a must-have to achieve daily successfulness.

Entrepreneurship is the “Soul”. The encouragement to strive for better future. The core of entrepreneurship is continuous innovation. Entrepreneurship as EQ (Emotional Quotient), a combination of the Personal and Social Competence. Personal Competence is the ability to manage and innovate themselves consistently able to create new opportunities. While Social Competence is the human to manage eminent relationships harmoniously with superiors, co-workers, subordinates, partners, customers, suppliers, environment and government.

Trusted and Respected

Spirit” eternal part of human, a form of relationship with the Omnipotent.

It describes our relationship with the Omnipotent. SQ (Spiritual Quotient), encourages us to be faithful, honest and walk the talk.

Excellence and Reliable

Body & Mind.

IQ (Intelligent Quotient), enables to perform analysis, critical thinking, expertise and others.

Innovative and Sustainable

“Soul” the spirit to make improvement for a better future.

EQ (Emotional Quotient), enables us to innovate and build a team that can innovate.