Audit Committee

Chairman of Audit Committee

He has served as Chairman of the Audit Committee since 2016. He is also an Independent Commissioner. Getting his Bachelor Degree of Economics from Diponegoro University in 1969. He is experienced for more than 30 years in the banking sector which has occupied several important positions at leading bank in Indonesia such as Bank Tabungan Negara, Bank Ekpor Impor, Bank Mandiri and Bank Bumi Daya.

Henk Wangitan
Member of Audit Committee

He was appointed as member of the Audit Committee of the Company in July 2012 pursuant to Decision Letter of the Board of Commissioners dated July 16, 2012. Obtaining Diploma from Medical Faculty of Trisakti University in 1970. He has been joining the Company since 1981, and serving as Independent Commissioner of the Company since 2001.

Lany Wihardjo
Member of Audit Committee

She was entrusted as member of the Audit Committee of the Company in June 30, 2015, based on Minutes of Meetings of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders No. 259. Holding a Bachelor of Economics from Parahyangan Catholic University in 1982 and MBA degree from IPPM in 1991. She began her career at Bank Umum Nasional (BUN) as Management Trainee in 1984. She held various positions in BUN until 1997 with the latest position as Senior Commercial Relationship Manager. Joined the Bank Ciputra in 1997 and was appointed as Director until 1999.