Board of Commissioners

Dr. (HC) Ir. Ciputra
President Commissioner

The founder as well as the Chairman of Ciputra Group has been serving the Company as President Commissioner since 2002 pursuant to Deed No.18 dated December 12, 2002. Currently, he has been holding position as President Commissioner of PT Metropolitan Development since 1971 and previously served as Vice President Commissioner of PT Pembangunan Jaya (2014-2016). For his achievements in 2016, he has been awarded among others the Maecenas Federasi Theater Indonesia 2016 awarded by the Indonesian Theater Federation on December 26, 2016 and Lifetime Achievement on Human Capital awarded by Indonesia Human Capital Studies on September 8, 2016.

Dian Sumeler

Wife of Dr. (HC) Ir. Ciputra has been appointed as the Commissioner of the Company since 1984 pursuant to Deed No.11 dated February 10, 1994. She also serves as Commissioner in several companies under the Ciputra Group. She graduated from Surabaya School of Pharmacy, as does Dr. (HC) Ir. Ciputra, she is also philanthropy who is actively involved in various social and educational activities through Ciputra Educational Foundation and Citra Kasih Foundation.

Rina Ciputra Sastrawinata

She is the first daughter of Dr. (HC) Ir. Ciputra who is appointed as Commissioner since 2016, based on shareholders general meeting at January 14, 2016. Prior to becoming Commissioner of the Company, she served as Director of the Company. Aside from holding position as President Director of Century 21 (real estate broker), currently she serves as Commissioner and Director at several companies under the Ciputra Group. Holding a Bachelor of Commerce from University of Auckland, New Zealand and MBA degree from Claremont Graduate School, Los Angeles, USA. She previously served as President Director of the Company (1983- 1990) and Commissioner of the Company (1990-1993).

Junita Ciputra

Junita, the second daughter of Dr. (HC) Ir Ciputra, obtained her bachelor of finance degree from University of San Francisco, United States and an MBA in finance and real estate from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA in 1988. She joined the Company in 1998. In 1990-1996 she was appointed as a Director and as a Commissioner in 1996-2001. She reserved as a Director in 2001 to date. She currently serves as Commissioner and Director in several companies within CIPUTRA group.

Sandra Hendharto

She is daughter in law of Dr. (HC) Ir. Ciputra. Earned her Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from University of Southern California, United States (US) in 1991. Held the position of Commissioner of PT Ciputra Development Tbk since 1994 till 2001 and Commissioner of PT Ciputra Surya Tbk since 1994.

Independent Commissioner

Served as Independent Commissioner since 2016 based on EGMS dated January 14 2016. Getting his Bachelor Degree of Economics from Diponegoro University in 1969. Previously, he occupied several key positions such as President Commissioner of PT Gedung Bank Exim (2009-2015), Director of Bank Tabungan Negara (2000-2007), Chairman of the Supervisory Board YKP BTN (2000-2006), Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Fund Retirement (2000-2005), Executive Vice President of the Bank Mandiri, (1999-2000), Director of Bank Bumi Daya (1998-1999), President Director of Bank Ekspor Impor Indonesia (1997-1998), President Commissioner of PT Gedung Bank Exim (1993-1994), Commissioner of PT Caraka Mulia (1989-1994) and President Commissioner of PT Puri Adhimelati (1989-1995).

Henk Wangitan
Independent Commissioner

He joined Ciputra Group since 1981, appointed as Director of PT Ciputra Property in 1993, and as Independent Commissioner of PT Ciputra Property Tbk since 2001. Before currently serving as Independent Commisioner  in PT Ciputra Development Tbk, he served as the Independent Commissioner at PT Ciputra Surya Tbk at 2015.

Thomas Bambang
Independent Commissioner

He earned a bachelor’s degree in social work from STPS Widuri, Jakarta and a masters of social work from Asian Social Institute, Manila, Philippines. He is currently an Independent Commissioner of CTRA based on the resolution of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of CTRP dated June 30, 2015 and as member of the CTRP Audit Committee since 2007. He is also active in the social organization under the Archdiocese of Jakarta as Vice Chairman of Forum Rumah Yatim Piatu Indonesia, special staff and head of the Dharma Resources Institute Bureau and a member of the National Examiner for Vocational School at the Ministry of National Education.