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Ciputra Development
33th Ciputra Group

Ciputra World Jakarta 1


The superblock CWJ1 was developed on 5,5 hectares area in Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kavling 3-5, which consists of mall, strata-title and service apartment, office building, and hotel and residential premium (premium residence). Mall with total area of 122,000 m2 and 77,351 m2 rentable area started to operate in mid 2013 with Lotte Retail Group as a single tenant. Strata-title apartments "MyHome", which consists of 136 units have been introduced to the market since February 2008. By the end of 2013, 128 units (94%) had successfully marketed. Serviced apartments with 170 total units will be managed by The Ascott Group as its operator. The apartment construction was fully completed by the end of 2013. The total area of office building is 68,000 m2, in which about 70% of the area are leased, while the rest are sold. By the end of 2013, the occupancy rate of the office buildings leased has reached 75%, while the total area of 8,900 m2 has been sold. The hotel consisted of 174 rooms and was managed by Raffles Hotel Singapore. There are 88 units of premium residence with 400 m2 area per unit. The selling of premium residences started in November 2012 and has reached 46 units by the end of 2013.
In November 2013, the Company conducted the launching of second office tower of CWJ 1. The 47-storey building with total gross area of approximately 70,000 m2 was planned to start the construction at the end of 2014. From the total of 70,000 m2, around 50,000 m2 (70%) will be leased and the rest will be sold as office strata title. The sale price per m2 started from Rp43 million/m2. Until the end of 2013, 2nd office tower of CWJ 1 has successfully booked pre-sale of 13 units with total sales of Rp162.8 billion.

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Ciputra World 1
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Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav 3-5
Jakarta 12940 - Indonesia
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